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Benefits of a PK-8 School

What are the benefits of a PK-8 school?

Students imagining the possibilities of Riverview PK-8

Riverview offers Early Childhood - Eighth (PK-8) educational programming to ensure excellence in education. A PK-8 school offers seamless transitions between the elementary and middle school grades and supports the development of long-term relationships with students and families.

The qualities of an K-8 education are:

    • Collaboration - In an PK-8 school there is a collective responsibility for the success of all students as they move from primary to intermediate to middle level grades. The structure of an EC-8 school enhances teacher collaboration and articulation within and across grade levels. Teachers collaborate to plan an integrated curriculum that connects learning across a wider range of disciplines and/or grade levels.

    • Student Achievement & Responsive Instruction- A PK-8 school’s unique structure supports high levels of student achievement and allows for flexible educational opportunities within and across grade levels. In addition to core classes, students have opportunities for enrichment and intervention.

    • Fewer Grade Transitions - A PK-8 school reduces the number of transitions a student experiences during their EC-12 school career. This reduction in transitions supports students by helping them develop long-term relationships with peers and adults. The transition between elementary and middle school is smoother because students can focus on learning instead of learning new building layouts, practices and procedures, and staff.

    • Relationships – A PK-8 school supports the development of the whole child by fostering academic achievement and social/emotional well-being. Students, teachers, staff, and families are likely to build and maintain strong relationships over the course of nine years.

    • Modeling and Mentoring – A PK-8 structure allows elementary and middle school students to interact and engage through positive experiences that foster leadership abilities in students and develop a shared ownership and responsibility to each other.

    • Family Involvement – A PK-8 environment supports a common purpose and safe environment. Parents and community members stay involved in a PK-8 school. The nine year program supports the development of lasting relationships among students, staff, parents, and community members.