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Mascot and School Colors

School Mascot and Colors

Our Raptor cheering on our first ever volleyball team!

Mascot:  Raptor

How we became the Riverview RAPTORS:

Following the submission of many, many possible mascot suggestions from parents and students, future Riverview students collaborated to narrow down the suggestions based on criteria created prior to mascot submissions.  Once the student group reviewed all choices, they chose finalists to be voted on by the school community.  One of the compelling reasons for the students choosing the Raptor name as a finalist was because of the number of submissions that included all the native birds that are found around the school community.  The students felt the Raptor name encompassed a variety of the mascot submissions including the owls, red-tailed hawks, eagles and falcons.  Clearly, the community voters agreed by out voting all other mascot submissions and this is how we became the RAPTORS!

Colors:  Purple and Silver

How our school colors came to be PURPLE AND SILVER:

Following the selection of our Riverview mascot, we reached back out to the community to provide input on the selection of our school colors.  After an initial survey of the community, final color combinations went back to the community for a final vote.  Overwhelmingly, the community chose Purple and Silver as our school colors!